Client comments about their sex therapy experience with Lauren Jordan:

“At my first appointment, I felt embarrassed, insecure and guilty- like something was wrong with me.  What was most helpful was that she opened our communication about our feelings in regards to this desire issue, and helped end the guilty feeling.  At the end of our work with Lauren, I felt like my husband and I had an understanding of how we got here and how to continue to work together to avoid getting back to where we started.”

Physician comments about Lauren Jordan, author of  No Room For Sex:  How To Boost Your Low Libido:

“As gynecologists, we see a lot of decreased libido and there really isn’t great treatment except for counseling.  I think your book is great because it touches on all the topics that cause decreased libido that we don’t have time to get into (and sometimes patients don’t want to hear – they want to take a pill).  This is a resource we can refer patients to.  I also appreciate you because good sex therapists are few and far between.”

Barbara Coulter-Smith, DO    Women’s Integrated Health, Grapevine, Texas

“Your writing style is warm and easy to understand.  Your expertise is clear and I am very impressed with your insight.  Our patients certainly benefit from your efforts on this far too common complaint.”

Guy Culpepper, MD    Bent Tree Family Physicians,  Dallas, Texas

“I finished your book last night and was REALLY impressed.”

William Richard Salter, MD  Advanced Ob-Gyn Associates, Garland, Texas

Comments about participating in the Women’s Support Group:

“At my first appointment I felt very timid, afraid, scared, alone and embarrassed.  At the end of the group, I felt confident, assured that I was not alone, and a little liberated to be able to discuss sexuality.  What I found most helpful was being able to hear others share their issues with sexuality and me feeling like I was not the only one with a problem.”

“At my first appointment, I felt stuck, helpless and at a dead end.  Now I feel encouraged, affirmed and hopeful.”

At my first appointment I felt nervous, afraid and shy, but now I feel good – with a new empowerment and excitement.”

“I felt scared and alone at my first appointment, but the group experience was wonderful.  Now I feel a comfort and trust that I didn’t before.”

Comments from  my clients about the Discovering Your Sexual Self Women’s Workshop:

“I feel like you have helped to get me over a huge hump in this area and for now will continue to work on my own.  I am amazed  at how God has already done so much for me in this area.  My husband and I feel like honeymooners!”   O. from Alabama

“I just loved your workshop.  It was really wonderful.  I realized that I am not alone.”

“My favorite part was the clip from The Notebook. It started the evening off with a bit of humor, and really brought the topic of REAL sex and eroticism to the front, and I felt so much more at ease since everyone seemed to feel the same way.”

“The workshop was SO helpful.  Especially empowering that I need to acknowledge my sexuality.”

“The movie clips were very creative and useful for discussion.”

“It was such a great experience on so many different levels.  You really did such a nice job with the presentation, the atmosphere, and planning out the exercises.  I’m still running things over in my mind today.  I never would have imagined that I would have gotten so much out of the experience or had such a nice time.  Its funny, but I feel like a load has been lifted from me.”

“The exercises were very helpful and eye-opening.”

“The best part of the workshop was understanding that other women have similar issues.”

“The best part of the workshop was that we could talk about it and ask questions.”

“It felt safe to talk, but like we were just getting warmed up when the time was over.  I would have liked a longer workshop.”

“I enjoyed it and learned a lot.”

“The best part of the workshop was hearing from the other women – what seems so personal to me is shared by all of us.”

“Writing down the things I was ashamed of was helpful – it was a relief and empowering in a way to let go of it.”

“The exercises were great at getting to the point and helping me to realize that I’m not the prude I thought I was.”

“I feel better about my sex life than I did before.”

“The exercises were enlightening.  Thanks for doing this for women.”

“The exercises were the best part.  I had “aha” moments with each one.”

“I look forward to Part II and a Couples Workshop!”

“The exercises were good.  They made you feel like you’re not the only one.”

“Add another hour.”

“The best part was the open, easy format with no pressure.”

“The exercises were helpful, thought-provoking.”

“The best part was learning that there is hope.  I learned a lot about myself.”

“I liked maintaining some sense of anonymity, but still being able to share with each other.”

“I would have liked more time – I could have done more.”

“Being able to anonymously express a secret and then let it go.”

“The workshop was too short – I wanted to keep going.”

“My feelings were validated.”

“Loved the secret exercise.”

“The exercises were very helpful- and gave me ideas for further work on my own.”

“The information presented helped me to understand what true intimacy is.”

“The exercises were very helpful with self-exploration and awareness.”

“The exercises were helpful, and I will share them with my husband.”