Happy New Year! 

Is improving your sexual relationship at the top of your reslolutions for 2011?

Maybe you  have put your sex life on the back burner because you are so busy.

Or perhaps you never made a conscious decision, but somehow sex just always

seems to land at the bottom of your priorities.    Maybe sex is wonderful when you

do get around to it, but you just don’t that often.  Has it been a month already???

For today’s super busy couples, there are so many things to do every single day 

 – that having sex doesn’t have the same demanding urgency.  While you might

agree that sex is important – at least to your partner if you are the lower libido person

in your  relationship – the lack of urgency for it can lead you down complacency lane.

You may tell yourself that your partner “understands” how stressed and busy you are

and that you will take a long weekend soon to make up for lost time.  Or that things will

get better after the kids are out of diapers.  But this line of thinking can go on until the

kids are out of the house – and your partner may not be far behind! 

The lack of spontaneity you might have from planning sex (yes, even putting it on your

calendar) is a small price to pay for keeping those home fires burning.  Because when a

couple has a good sex life, the imporance of sex seems about 20% of the whole.  But for a no-

sex marriage – sex will seem to rank at 80%  significance of the total relationship. 

I’m all for sexual spontaneity – but sex can still be fabulous even if its on your  calendar.

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